24 December 2008

Selling on Facebook

Now, You can selling your stuff on facebook. How? let's continue reading this article. Do you have facebook account? if you don't, better go get one now. You can follow this link to guide you create a new facebook account. if you already have facebook account, there's a good news for you, you can start selling your stuff on facebook now.

Phil Tucker developed a facebook application named ebay auctions. This application allows you to add eBay Auction Listings to your Profile. Sell things to your Facebook friends, crafts, jewelry, diary pages, undies, dinner dates or just whatever you're selling on eBay! Support a charity Auction by adding it to your Profile, or create a wishlist of Auctions you'd like to win!

How to add it?
Step 1 - Open your browser, go to ebay auctions.
if you can't. You can copy paste

Step 2 - Add the Application with the Button at the Top Right of that Page. You must sign in to your facebook account first.

Step 3 - Load Auctions and Add them to your Profile.

Step 4 - Optionally, Enter your eBay Username and Login to Automatically Load your Live Auctions.

To improve your market you can continue read Tips for Selling on Facebook


Queenie said...

Facebook Advertising not only gives you and your business wonderful results, but with it, you can only advertise to people who are interested and willing to buy your products. Additionally, you can also target the gender, age, and location of your clients or customers.

Angelina said...

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