25 December 2008

Create Ziddu (Free File Hosting Service) Account

Do you know ziddu.com? Yupz, ziddu.com is a 100% free file hosting service. You can upload your Photos, Videos, Audios and Documents.Unlimited Uploads!

Do you have ziddu account? What are you thinking? Don't think twice! if you want to have ziddu account.

Follow this instructions :

Step 1 - Go to ziddu website by clicking ziddu picture in the left side.

Step 2 - Enter all required information in the "Join" form.
You must enter all (name, email, confirm email, password, confirm password and verification code).

Step 3 - If you agree with ziddu.com terms and conditions. Click on check box "I Agree Terms and Conditions" and then click submit button.

Step 4 - Eureka..!! You can start upload your file now. Enjoy it.


freebiej├Ąger said...

I've used sites like ziddu before and made close to nothing. This all changed when I found sharecash.
You will get $0.30-$0.60 for every file which is downloaded by others. That are $300-$600 for 1000 US downloads!


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