20 January 2009

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

In my previous article, i wrote how easy to delete facebook account but it's not delete your all personal information. It's just deactive your account. Deactivated accounts are still saved on Facebook's servers, which includes, your personal information, photos, wall comments, friend lists and other. If you want to truly leave Facebook and never go back again, you'll need your account deleted permanently. Follow these steps :

Step 1 - Delete everything out of your profile. Delete you friends from your friends list, delete your pictures, delete comments you have left for your friend and leave any networks or groups you have joined. Be sure to save your profile changes so they take effect and your Facebook page is virtually empty.

Step 2 - Send an email to privacy@facebook.com and ask that they permanently delete your account with "Delete My Account" in the subject.Describe that you want your account permanently deleted and not just deactivated.

Step 3 - Wait a response from Facebook confirming that your account has been permanently deleted.

Step 4 - If you don't recieve confirmation email from facebook within a week, email them again. Try emailing the same address you emailed in Step 2 again, as well as support@facebook.com and info@facebook.com.

Step 5 - Try to log in to your account after you get an email from Facebook. If you're unable to log in and don't get a message asking you to reactivate your account, your Facebook account has been permanently deleted.


anna said...

I want to use the same account throuh different email address. What should I do? Help...:-)
I I'have deactivate my FB account, can anybody else use the name? (Can they use my FP account--that has been deactivated?) Thx

itguidelines said...

to anna :
1. You activate your FB account with your old email.
2. Go to FB account, click account setting in setting menu.
3. Change your email address.

Your deactiveted FB account cannot used by another person, only person who have email address in that account.

IT Guidelines

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Focus Team said...

Good Information. Thanks


grooveDexter said...

There is an updated way to delete your account. And it doesn't involve e-mailing the facebook staff, although it still does take 2 weeks.

I really hate Facebook for being so stingy about letting you erase YOUR account with them. I guess they've adapted the motto: "What happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook... Forever"

Queenie said...

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Ranganath said...

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Angelina said...

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Asif Ali said...

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